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A Blog about a Bath

(Spoiler alert..🤷🏻‍♀️ #writersswear )

Now I’ve realised I’m ready to write this it has kinda stumped me. I highly doubt it’s going to be as easy as I anticipate. But hey, what is..

..Did a market stall today and didn’t expect to be as sore as f but we ain’t bionic that’s for sure!



We used to say that to Nona ALL the time! Now we say it to my mum a lot more often that not, but maybe it’s in our blood to like to be on the go.. One things for sure though, I do sit down, a lot!

When I seem to be doing loads of work, erm I probably am.. yet sometimes like playing a game on a computer but sat there on canva instead of candycrush. Playing a game with real life instead of just wasting time I waste it with purpose.

Not that standing, running round or playing on candycrush doesn’t serve its purpose, but more so I’ve seen how too much of that can tear you down..


Who knows I could loose my marbles completely if I over use my mind, but the exercise I’ve given it over the years has blown me away. I might not be very strong, yet I can sometimes lift shit heavier than me and not get how. But really, feminist over here.. throw me a frickin bone, I ain’t physically very strong, but while I’d rather not hurt myself like a big girl I also just don’t want to do certain things that could hurt me as my forte is better with a brush or a keypad.. 🙄

Anyway.. seeing my mum do both jobs, all the jobs, every job. And seeing how she can now barely move. Well. It’s hurts my frickin feelings to say the least, but nothing like the pain she feels.

Nona may not of felt as much pain, but a stroke quite frankly fks up so much. She’d had 4 in total. The ironic thing is she told us and others on repeat that she’d had them and I can’t for the life of me remember which one was which, but when she went she was gone. Gone but alive I mean..

I was pregnant with Summer and she stared into space.

What the fukkk. I was mad and upset and had to BELIEVE she would be ok! And I was going to make sure of it..

She always had this miraculous way of cooking for the hospital staff, as much as my grandad would be on the roof fixing it the day he’d been discharged for falling through the dam thing.. These pair. Legends for sure 💕🙌🏼

When she was home it took many years to be completely her again. And every week from the day she came home I gave her a bath.

Owwwww ..feel the pain now. Boy I miss that woman!


Bath time for me was literally none existent for all those years. For most of that time I was a shower girl, grab it when you can girl. And through pregnancies, 2 kids in and out the bath with her we made memories every week. Sometimes they were her telling me the same old story every dam time, up and down the stairlift in and out the bath one, kids on her knee bubbles galore. And everytime she’d say ‘ahh ..that’s a nice’ ☺️

And now when I get mine, it’s exactly what I think.. 🤍


These days I don’t just look at a bath in a completely different way. Daym I look at water a different way that I used to. 1, drinking tap water = fk that. 2, talk about a born again, vibes. A wash isn’t just a wash, you don’t just cleanse your body. Your MIND, YOU, you are refreshed. There’s more to it, so much more, and maybe because it’s just a little undervalued we don’t see it like that.

It wasn’t til I started this good pamper business that I started to look at when why or whatever I do for myself. What I did realise is, that bath. It’s the one! 👌🏼

“Everydayy” Like him from corra says.. And our Rosie was Rosaria Renna. She was a warrior and an absolute wow of a woman. People knew my nana round her way because they could smell her and her cooking for miles.. And she didn’t just cook for her, her family, her street and neighbours, friends and foe, she would feed the 5 thousand from a iddy bit of meat from dicky road market and you’d think you’d gone to Naples and back and she’d be there, running up and down the road, up and down..Everydayy!

The thing is, she didn’t stop. She didn’t get bath time like she did til I put her in the dam bath and gave her that good pamper! 🛁

We used to joke I’d given her like 300 odd baths and I still didn’t have one and fml I’d swap my bathtime for a day in heaven with her if I could, but I’m one of them that knows she’s with me, that knows I’ll see her again. That understands that strange yet fkin fascinating connection we have with spirit, and no I can’t go see or chat to her whenever. But sometimes, it’s more than a sign.. It’s unexplainable unconditional #love

She always said ‘Believe and you will see you know’

So I quoted her in my dissertation lol ..dam right I did! First quote of the ridiculously sized essay they had me on. It was the best grilling I could of ever asked for. I was never into school as much as I’m even close to now, back then it was more watevs, just winged shit and preferred art. But who knew, polish any stone it can sparkle. Push yourself whoever you are and you can surprise yourself!

I sure have.. now I kinda like seeing how many times I can surprise myself as to be fair it’s fun. It’s more fun than living fully in the real world anyway. Watch the news a lot mate. Get yourself a life. With or without marbles. But do yourself a favour..


..in that chair, that bath or that frickin hot tub. Set times for #you even if it is once a week!

You’ll look back one day and realise how many hundreds of days you dedicated to yourself. How many days you may of dedicated to someone you love.. Being dedicated involves caring. If you can care for someone else so much in this world that you would bath them, feed them, clothe them or help them in any way, then do yourself a favour a do that for YOU too!

After all, you don’t want to look back and think I did everything for everybody and you’d rather not end up all why me or why didn’t they do that for me, because frankly my dear why don’t you do it more for you and you will always, always look back and smile ☺️

Give yourself the gift of a good pamper it just might just improve your quality of life or change it for the better 🤍




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