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Same Name, New Direction..

Before I could walk or talk, I drew. I drew everything and anything, what was in front of me or whatever was in my head. Art was by far my favourite subject, hobby and without realising I integrated it into every part of my life, even though I grew up thinking...

“Where’s Art going to get me!?’’

...Hmmmm, HERE!

In 2017 I decided to set up this page and take the plunge and be a REAL Artist!

Since then I have done quite a lot! I graduated, twice (in Events & Business Management). I organised and managed many events, some with a few people, some a few thousand! I co-found a community interest company with my fellow activists and through ups and downs achieved funding for events, noticeboards, an app, and joined in supporting my community however I could. Even though I loved all this work and quite frankly, nothing could stop me once I got going, something was STILL MISSING!

After my first attempt of a market stall I realised I had a lot to focus on and I was soo NOT ready. Over these last 18 months I have been an Event Manager for The Makers Market and PopUp Painting and Events. Apart from getting my creativity totally unleashed, being inspired by some amazing makers, watching everyday people paint, and love it! I slowly but surely jumped over that “block” and decided to make Art and Events my thing, instead of spending way too much time wondering what my ‘thing’ actually was!

While I have narrowed my profession down so I can understand it myself, I am finally chasing my dream. Over the last few months I could not decide what my ‘shop’ would be called. I also realised I had done so much yet my soul was not fulfilled, it was then I realised I really didn't believe in myself (hence the un-publishing of this page). That’s when I knew the only person who could change that was me. I can preach positive encouragement, yet eating those words and turning it into action is scary! So then I had no choice but to #facethefearanddoitanyway

So, here’s ME! I am here, believing my Art is worth dedicating my time to, for me, my soul and hopefully others too. I want to create Art that speaks in ways to inspire and host events that unleash the creativity within each of us. I’d like to use the images I have already created on my journey, to reproduce for you!

Paintings, Prints and Canvas.

Choose between Black or White Frames.

Customise your Quote on Request.

If you’ve read all that and like me think it should probably be a blog.. read more on my page and follow the journey. Thanks for your time and support!

To be continued...

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