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It's a New Dawn, it's a New Day, it's a New Blog...

It’s a new day, it’s a new blog, it’s a new life, for me... and I’m feeling good! Only in dark times can the light shine through, so they say. One just needs to remember to turn the light on, said Dumbledore. Hmmmm, the light you say? Yeah, that one inside of you.. The stages of life: You spend the first part wanting everything, you then go in a mood and don’t want anything anymore. Then you realise life isn’t that pretty and not everyone will ever like you. Yet you try, still consumed with what others think of you. Then comes the difficult part.. What do you think of yourself? If you were to write a few paragraphs of ‘Who am I’ what would yours say? Would you want to change it? The next list is sometimes called a to do list. After that you can prioritise and ‘get shit done’ ..or you can talk yourself out of it. We sometimes think that our thoughts choose us, when in fact in that moment it’s you who decides to hold on to that thought or not. Why is meditation, prayer and positive intentions radically medicinal? Because it hushes all those thoughts, right down to the basics. When you stop, close your eyes and listen to your breathing, it’s during that time your mind gets some TLC. A minute a day, an hour a week, whatever you can spare.. Mental health, what a priority that has become. Yet we can spend 2 hours in the hairdressers, religiously go to the gym, do kind things for others, but finding a moment to STOP and just breathe can seem impossible.

When you close your eyes, the longer you breathe, the longer you stay aware of that, the more peaceful you will become. The happier you will be and this is where the light shines through. Don’t do something that doesn’t make you happy. Do more of what makes you happy. The wound is where the light gets in, just like Harry’s scar.. Whatever your pain fill it with hope, love and forgiveness to discover your soul purpose and try living the life you imagine. To silence our thoughts is to silence our mind. While you are awake, the best way to do this is to listen to your breath, feel your breath, close your eyes and be aware you are present within a given body. You aren’t here forever. When it’s quiet, when your thoughts are still, just listen.. what will you hear. Blessed breathing x

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