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To be or not to be.. Art is the Question

So the time has come for Natalie to go back to work... 🤔 So here I am!

Over the last 2 years I've realised how hard they make you work for that hat.. 🎓

I never thought I would graduate. Infact after 123 different courses I was surprised I completed my HR course which took a good 3 years while I was looking after the babies.. But it's been an experience I will never forget.

The value of the knowledge you actually want to have, the things you enjoy and want to know everything about so you can perfect your skills. I'm crazy enough to think year 3 is worth a shot, as a Bachelor of Arts that will do me just nicely!😁 In the meantime, I intend to do everything I still do, besides the general womanly motherly chores, I do too much voluntary work for my own good. But it this work that gives me purpose, that gives the bigger picture the nurture it needs, while I sort my own life out in the process.

I am an Artist, and since I was a little girl that's all I wanted to be. Turns out it took my own little girl to convince me that that is what I could be, and that is what I was. I've read thousands of books over the last few years, and turns out were all artists in our own way, and everyone is creative.

We don't all find the time to do art, get messy, sing, dance and have hobbies we can maintain, even with a passion for it how do you fit this into your every day life?

If since childhood we are set writing homework, why can't it be to draw or paint instead? We all know some of the greatest artists didn't need to draw a perfect picture, stick men can still make it! And whether or not you can draw, everyone can get frustrated with their work if it isn't how they wanted it to be. Yet that frustration is the only thing that will push you to make it better.

No one, no one ever, did anything great without failing or messing up a whole bunch of times. We know that now, or atleast we can forget. After a decade or two I realised the healing qualities art can bring. I always wanted to try meditation and things like that, although like most, never really stuck to it, nevermind get the idea of the ground. But when you draw or paint or sing or dance, your attention is focused. Focus. That's a word I've heard before.

Sometimes it's difficult with a million and one things going on in our lives, but that little time out bring stillness, brings concentration, and while that creation process takes place, our connection to peace and happiness begin to take form.

Nobody is born and is just great full stop, they are raised, they are fed, they grow, they learn, and then they become. Our differences have been highlighted so much across the globe that only now after thousands of years people talk of our similarities. That each and every one of us go though pain, endure life lessons, and debatable or not we all have the same potential, the same potential to make a difference.

It's the coming together that helps a whole, helps us all.

At a time were nobody wants another war, with friends, family or another country, we all feel pain the same way, like when we touch or smell, a sense we share is the same.

If we can all feel the same we can all be the same, and thats the only way we can grab that world peace title and say yea! We were the generation that brought it! Not one girl up on a podium saying she'd like world peace, it's every Tom, Dick and Harry standing up together and saying come on, let's make this a place worth living!

Why do you think in some countries they all meditate in the masses. Ok cultures vary, and as they say when in Rome.. Here in this beautiful country we have so many parks that are under valued. A festival doesn't have to be a big ole booze up, some are made just for everyone to come together and celebrate with art, music, food and talent, to share and support them, in our communities, towns, and ultimately across the dam world.

I don't just want to make art, write books and create events for everyone to enjoy, I wanna create a movement. One that is all for one and one for all. Believe in you. Be kind, be good and shoot for that moon! Because my dear, anything is possible!

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