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My Inspiration ~ My Nona

Right now I would be making Nona farleys rusks for breakfast, turning on the tele and moaning how she needs to drink her drink because we don't like waste. I thought I could look after her while I finished my degree. And while I endured what seemed a year of hell, she was my rock. And what sometimes seemed a burden, brought more joy and love like no other.

When I was pregnant with Summer she had her worst stroke. She couldn't speak, she couldn't move, but she could see. I prayed Summer would arrive in time to meet this wonderful lady who meant so much to me, and she was barely a day old when we sat in the care home as she held her for the first time.

Since then she was watched my little girls grow into little women, she giggled as they would climb all over her like the monkeys they are. Although I didn't have the strength all the time, we would find a way to get her to the cinema, the park, carry her up flights of stairs to share dinner in a different place, and no matter what she took nothing for granted.

Yes she wanted to go, she had missed my grandad for 3 years, and never stopped talking of him. She had been saying he was ready for her, but she had said it before.

Her last week was a happy one. Her hair perfect, all fresh and clean. Her pride, her gratitude, was always full, but a woman who ran up and down the road to see to everyone couldn't help anyone anymore, and barely herself. She believed, and believing was all she talked about. Doesn't matter what. Just believe. She would fall sometimes, but never ever would she cry, if she couldn't get up she'd just laugh. And no other laugh was so infectious. No matter through her ups and downs she went with her head screwed on. She knew who she was, what she was and not only brave but the strongest and most courageous woman I have ever met. People who know me know I can be louder than some, but hey..you didn't know my nan back in her day! Since she was my age she built a family here in England, and the streets of Didsbury never smelt the same again, as her cooking would fill the air with her beautiful Italian aroma.

After every house move I have ever made this will surely be the hardest one of all. Our family home, our safety net, a place of love will become a home for a new family to build memories. I am looking forward to moving back to Cheadle, and I am so glad she will be in the village with my grandad, in the most beautiful cemetery I've ever seen.

I miss you Nona, so much. ❤️

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