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There's something about Cheadle

There's something about Cheadle, Oh what can it be.

I'm writing this poem to help make you see...

The Village,The Green,

It is fit for a Queen.

The History it holds

By long forgotten Souls.

The Stories, The Tales,

Of the ship that still sails.

Our belt so green bound by a river,

The Mersey it's name, wrote by a giver.

Mr Moss was intrigued by this beautiful place,

Yet now his legacy can be hard to trace.

Alderman Fletcher lived a life on a quest,

In Didsbury he lived, in Cheadle he rests.

For why this side of the river he chose to stay,

What is his legacy trying to say..

He adored his birds, flowers and art,

Up and down he would travel, by horse and a cart.

Before Scotch Bob started his round,

Mr Moss spread the word all around town.

Of Bob and his Bus,

How it was must.

To connect the community,

From village to city.

From transport to books, a library a park,

This man did many things to make his mark.

What Didsbury had he wanted to share,

for his love of Cheadle made him care.

For the people, it's future, and all that can be,

For peace and justice, for what we can't see.

He didn't stop till he found what he was looking for,

and while he still lived he took from Cheadle ..a door?

Which still stands to this day at his old home,

Where his planted seeds intended to be sown.

He did what he did for us to see,

of what we can do when we hold the key.

The key of hope, happiness and wonder,

To learn how to dance come shine rain or thunder.

Together we can achieve so much more,

and really enjoy those things we adore.

For connection with meaning, a purpose a goal,

combined with community spirit and soul.

All for one and one for all,

be a business or a maker with a new stall.

We really should have a ball,

be proud of Cheadle and stand tall.

At winter before the year is out,

We'll celebrate achievements without a doubt.

Don't look forward with sadness and or worry,

We can't connect the dots if we're in a hurry.

But one day we'll look back when we are old,

And hope for the best that we played our part,

in making community a part of our heart.

If home is where the heart will be,

what else can I say to make you see,

For no matter the town or place you live,

There's something quite special about when you give.

Be it time or assistance to help another,

like your brother sister, father or mother.

A friend a stranger, doesn't matter who,

just as long as you remember to look after you.

Mr Moss was a legend, and for others he did plenty,

but not before he gave himself twenty..

Alone time is precious, if you dare,

To learn to seek how you like to care.

What do you enjoy, what makes you happy,

A night on the town, a coffee in the cafe..

Do it often, while you can,

Be a proud young lady, or heroic old man.

The ages between created in history,

Of connection and purpose which unfolds the mystery.

Of Cheadle itself, the who and the how,

The opportunities we have right here and right now.

To engage the community on common ground,

with art and the beauty that comes from sound.

A story that's told, a poem so old,

one day might start like this..

There's something about Cheadle..

You won't want to miss

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