Witch at Work.


While Harry Potter has no doubt had a knock on effect throughout my life, it was the best Worst Witch who started it all.


Having Magic School at this years Halloween on the Green was more than the start of a dream come true, it's all I've ever wanted. It's great the schools we have today, but where's Hogwarts, where's Cackles!? When Mohammed couldn't get to the mountain, he brought the mountain to him..


When you love what you do apparently it's not really work. Yet I love to love my work and if you dare greatly you can love the word work. You can get excited about working and you might just want to work more. Is it work, or is it turning what you love into a way of life. No matter what we work more than not work, so by gosh make it what you enjoy.


We ALL have Magic inside us. You find it in doing what you love.




Printed on Silk Card (350gsm)

Orginal Artwork Approx A3 size.




Witch at Work