Abney Waterfall


Close your eyes and make a wish. What better excuse to make a wish by a waterfall.


It was Picasso that said art is never finished it is only ever abandoned. So where's the line between abandoned and abstract? Is it in the Splash? The swish and the flick..


It will be remembered, it will stand tall and there will forever be one magical waterfall in the gardens of Abney.


In 2015 I discovered 'the secret' and while my whole life was about to change I made a few wishes in Abney, some reachable, some so far fetched at the time I just didn't realise. Slowly each year another wish came true. My wish for 2019 was to fully embrace my art and be the artist I was meant to be, and instead of writing for a degree, this year I painted and planned and painted and planned and had a good few shindigs in the park. Go ahead make your wish..




Acrylic Painting on Canvas.

Approx 100cm x 100cm.

Abney Waterfall