Moon & The Heart.


There are two powers in this world that effect us in many ways, somewhat out of our control. Yet like any supply chain there is a motion to the flow, a cycle to circuit and a reason for each.


While fairies and folklore are the obvious first shrug, we casually discount that we are floating through space on a giant rock.


The sparkle in the startle is while the moon controls the ocean we are quite sure to be 70% water. We look up and we see her shine, but like all great philosophers have said, the light, is within..


The Heart of Tafiti represents the heart of existence. the swirl of chi, life and love. While the story of Moana carries it's own inspiration, the name itself means ocean. The missing piece to that tale was the legend of Hina, the companion goddess of Maui who created balance & harmony.


This Moon Goddess represents feminine energy and the power of strength & healing. As above so below.



Original Artwork Available

Printed on Silk Card (350gsm)

Approx A4 Size x2




These can be hung separately or together as one!

Moon & The Heart