Mona Artwork.


I came, I saw, I painted.

(Quote not inlcuded - pictured on larger frame)


The Mona Lisa was a culmination of a lifetime spent studying art, science and all of curiosity. Leonardo started this painting in 1503 and kept it with him until his death in 1519. During this time he studied the human eye to understand it's detail, so he could paint her so she looked at you wherever you went in the room.


He also figured out every muscle in the human face to ensure when you looked at her, her smile would flicker on and off.He wanted to add to the mystery of looking into the eyes to see the soul.


There has been many speculation to who this woman is. It's suggested it was Lady Lisa, while some have said it was the vision of his mother Caterina. Although he always wanted to finish the painting apparently he never did, yet he got many messages across through this wonderous piece.


According to scientists at the University of California, depending on how you feel will determine if you see her smile or not. Emotions change our perceptions of the world and it was that view Leonado wanted to understand. Somethings can't be explained by maths and science straight away, sometimes it takes 500 years worth of time.



Original Artwork Approx A3.

Printed on Silk Card (350gsm)