A Million Dreams. 


I love the sky, the trees and the wonders of nature. I wanted to paint that in a simple yet magical scene which I could adapt to fill with my favourite quotes.


When I painted this it was a time those words rang in my ears. On planning Picnic in the Park I worked daily to achieve the dreams that kept keeping me awake.


The ultimate plan is picturing it in your mind. Walk through it, see it and then believe with all your might.


When you achieve a wish, a dream or an executed plan, you begin to wonder what else you can really do..


I loved the song, I loved the movie and I was tired of waiting for someone to bring an outdoor cinema to the village. I was tired of being kept awake by wondering, so with the awesome activists on my team we did it again.


They can say it all sounds crazy, you can say I've lost my mind. See I don't care if you call me crazy, we can live in a world that we design!




Original Artwork Approx A3 Size

Prints on Silk Card (350gsm)


Now Available in A4 Size!

A Million Dreams