Mermaid Artwork.


My role with PopUp Painting involved hosting social painting events, primarliy aimed at people who don't paint! While it's awesome to watch a room fill with colour, I also love to paint at home alone in my bubble. Now I have accumulated so many it may seem like it was easy..


When you hit a creative block you want to paint but you can't and it's so much easier not too. This painting was the start of a phase where I literally shouted at myself and ordered myself to paint, because I knew I wanted to, I was just too used to being stuck.


Never underestimate the power of telling yourself what to do in the mirror. Your embarrassed and confused reflection can laugh and quite possibly take an unexpected turn. While it's easy to talk yourself out of doing something you love, sometimes the best person to encourage you can really be yourself!


I found a few youtube videos of people painting and like the job, I urged myself to start. When you paint maybe you do time-travel a little, maybe it is a form of meditation, maybe it is magic with colour. The clouds, the sea & the mythical. 




Printed on Silk Card (350gsm)

Original Painting Approx A3 size.


Now also available in A4 size!