Flower of Life Artwork.


I will always have so much love for this flower I could talk, write, draw and paint it forever long. Everything is connected. And it all stems from somewhere.


When my fascination began I realised I had doodled this flower for many years, I'd simply not connected the pattern together. Once I did everything changed. While studying events I had an urge to bring this into my presentation and could only do so if i related it to an event. I then saw a competition aimed at the art students, in raising awareness of the differences that connect us together. In that moment I took that 'sign' as my opportunity and I just BELIEVED it was sent for me.


I grew up thinking where would art get me, but once I took that chance it took me and my artwork to the Manchester Art Gallery. And later to the Cathedral to talk about the wonders of the flower of life. And now, I am here! 


While this pattern can be seen as the essence of creation, it's connected to every shape, sound, cell and yes I'll say it, crop circle going. And so I have drawn it on vans, in the sand, on the floor, the wall and on a lovely linen canvas.



Painted with Gold on a Linen Canvas

Orginal Approx A2 size.


Prints Available on Silk Card (350gsm)

Flower of Life