Eye in the Sky.


When you look at the sky and pictures of the universe what do you see?


While the iris of an eye is unique to each of us, viewed close it can resemble galaxies in the sky.


The black hole in our eye was made to absorb light and send information to the brain in order to get awareness of the surroundings. Could the universe do the same?


Leonardo Di Vinci was fascinated with the eye and described it as a window to the soul. In his notes he said the soul is happy to live there, imprisoned in the human body, viewing the world through our eyes.


While Di Vinci was many things, what made him so fascinating was his endless curiosity. From the eye he studied perception, where it comes from and where all our senses meet to provide us with that vision.




Original Artwork Approx A4 Size.

Printed on Silk Card (350gsm)


Eye in the Sky