Dancing in the Rain.


Van Gogh said he would picture his painting in his mind and then paint it after. In embracing the rainbow rain I wanted to paint the shadow dancing and enjoying the moment.


After I had placed my artwork in an order to go around the room at my exhibition and noted this as the final painting, I realised that while I combine my art and events together in my work, my last event also ended this way.


The Butterfly Effect. Each moment, is it really intrinsic to the next. If we are based upon patterns and our eye can predict what it's going to see, can we recreate our future in our mind. If there's a pattern, is there already an order. What if it was always meant to be this way.


I'd never dance at my own event, let alone in the rain and I rarely stand still long enough. But when you realise if a certain sequence of events didn't happen first, that moment, those magical ones may not of happened at all.


So, dance!



Original Artwork Approx A4.

Printed on Silk Card (350gsm)

Dancing in Rain